What We Do

Our core services spark new habits of mind around the way ‘schooling’ is done.
Participants glean tips, tools and tactics to ensure learners leave their system ready for anything.

Core Services

Professional Learning

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

IlluminatED provides clients timely tips and tools to flourish in their current role and develop new habits of mind around the way schooling is done. We focus on self-discovery, networking, and personal connections. 

Our services include:

Quality Reviews and Equity Audits

Equity and excellence cannot be divided.

IlluminatED guides teams in surfacing the systems and design flaws that inadvertently hold back underestimated students. Clients are moved to shine a light on the implicit and explicit policies and practices that create inequity in schools. Raising the collective conscience of teachers and administrators creates a clear path for educational advocacy and social justice work to emerge.  

Our services include:

Event Facilitation

A simple conversation can be the beginning of “good trouble.”

IlluminatED helps clients plan, host and facilitate a variety of virtual and in-person events including live webinars, expert panels, learning institutes, and symposiums.

Strategic Planning

Knowing how to succeed without a plan to do it won’t make it so.

IlluminatED guides organizations in the development of a strategic roadmap that is streamlined, simple and sustainable. Clients participate in priority goal setting and the creation of predictive measures that answer the question, “What’s the point of all this?’ 

Our services include: 

Connecting Industry and Education

One is a lonely number to do epic work.

IlluminatED helps clients establish an infrastructure for democratic collaboration between industry and educators. Using workforce development trends in your community or region, we facilitate a continuum of activities that connects business, industry, nonprofits, and higher education efforts to the TK-12 system. 

Our services include:

  • Connect business, industry, nonprofit and higher education efforts to the TK-12 system.
  • Project management of school partnerships.
  • Support high wage, high skill pathway alignment
  • Development of community college/university partnerships
  • Establishing a platform for joint board meetings
  • Providing teachers practical applications within their own grade level/subject area
Leadership Coaching

It’s not enough to do our best; we must know what makes our best happen.

IlluminatED amplifies the ability of educators to lead through influence and agility. From those who are leading schools or initiatives for the first time to those who have been doing it awhile our professional coaching emphasizes key elements that shape the way educators press for progress and act with intention. 

Our services include: 

  • Development of a leadership framework based on coherence, clarity, and continuous correction
  • Techniques to notice and respond to resistance and conflict
  • Access to just-in-time tools and support as coachees attempt to solve problems of practice
  • Use of blended coaching domains that include face-to-face and digital interactions

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